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Why Get a Sport-Specific Orthotic?

Your foot acts like a spring. When you land on it, your foot absorbs the force of the impact. But then it springs back, providing energy and momentum for the rest of your movement. An orthotic needs to support this action.

When you get a custom sport-specific orthotic suited to you and your sport of choice, the design flawlessly and smoothly mimics this spring in your foot. Orthotics can’t be rigid or non-moving. If it is, you may experience pain or movement dysfunction.

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Better Layering

Tread Well provides a custom design suited for you. This means the volume of resins and carbon fibres may vary depending on what you need. At the end of the day, each Tread Well orthotic has an optimal amount of layering, providing the right level of strength, movement and support that your foot needs.

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Orthotics should work with your foot — not against it. Tread Well orthotics are made to act alongside the dynamic behaviour of your foot. This provides optimal comfort and effectiveness, especially when it comes to your performance.

Tread Well


Your orthotics are customized to you based on your biomechanics, sport, strength, movement patterns and more. Our experts take into account the uniqueness of your feet and your activities. These come together to create the perfect-fitting orthotics for you.

Sport-Specific Orthotics


Get up on your feet and go

Add more spring to your stride with Tread Well custom orthotics. Orthotics can help improve your biomechanics when running and prevent injuries and pain later on.

Ski & Snowboarding

Glide and shred with ease

Maximize your comfort, increase your edge, and improve your performance through orthotics custom-designed for you and your activities. Your snowboarding or skiing stance is different from how you walk or run. This means that your orthotics must be fitted specifically for your snowboard or ski boot, which is where the Tread Well team can help.

Cycling Orthodics

Ride with confidence

Custom cycling orthotics can help balance your foot, providing optimal power for your pedals. Cycling causes increased stress on the forefoot. Tread Well orthotics can fix this problem, as well as improve your overall speed and performance. Don’t let pain stand in your way.

Hockey & Figure Skating

Crossover or pivot with control

Create a flawless connection between your feet and your skate. Tread Well orthotics can make skating more comfortable and properly align your feet better. In turn, you’ll decrease your risk of injury and be able to skate circles around your opponents.

Field Sports

Change direction quickly without fear of injury

Run, cut, and jump with ease and confidence. Custom orthotics by Tread Well might be just what you need to make your favourite field sport pain-free. From soccer or rugby to lacrosse and more, our team is here to help.

Court Sports

Enhanced spring and rebounds

Perform a slam dunk with orthotics perfectly fitted to your feet. Sore feet shouldn’t happen after each training session or game. If you’re experiencing this, you may benefit from orthotics to help improve your biomechanics and add more bounce to your step.

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