Planning to Be More Active This Year? A Sport-Specific Orthotic Should Be On Your List

By Tread Well

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When somebody mentions athletes, the first thing you might think of is a basketball player’s pivot moves or a sportsman’s throwing arm. No matter what sport you choose, all athletes rely on perfect body alignment that usually begins and ends with your feet. Custom orthotics can be a game-changer for you. These are arch supports, but not just that, they are inserted in shoes to correct the improper alignment of your foot during activities like walking and running.

Orthotics directly work on foot positioning to affect the entire alignment of ankles, knees, hips, and lower back. Regular exercise is good for your health, but sports require repetitive efforts that can wear out your lower limbs much faster. You can easily prevent this early deterioration with orthotics.

Benefits of Sport-Specific Orthotics

Customized According to Your Unique Needs

Custom orthotics support the major contours of your feet. They are highly responsive to most foot issues. How you plant your foot while walking or running differs. Customization helps in mapping out the supports, according to your favored sport, your weight, and the unique shape of your foot.

Give Proper Support and Balance

Custom foot orthotics maintain your body balance and provide support and stability during sports activities. Imagine you are competing at a championship, you have high arches, and a great tendency for shin splints. You can protect your shins with cushioning orthotics made specifically for those high arches.

Prevent Injuries

With proper spine, hip, and knee alignment, orthotics help to prevent injuries. They do this by lowering the stress and strain on your muscles and joints.

Enhances Athletic Performance

Your major performance barriers like pain, injury, foot deformities, biomechanical problems, and alignment issues are effectively fixed by custom orthotics. This in turn helps you maximize your performance. 

Difference Between Store-Bought and Custom

Store-bought orthotics are made with more cushioned materials. However, they break down faster than firmer materials. The support is minimal and they are often designed for an average foot shape, which will not be perfect for everyone. If the shape is not according to your foot, then the level of comfort and support will be compromised. Store-bought orthotics are less expensive than custom. But with the quick wear and tear of the material used, you will have to replace these every 3 to 6 months, eventually increasing their total cost.

Custom foot orthotics provide more options in the material. You will get a customized feel and fit. It will be according to your activities, allergies, comfort, biomechanical control needs, and the type of shoe you will be fitting it into. A more supportive custom orthotic can be made according to your needs. They are slightly more expensive, however, the lifespan is around 1 to 2 years.

Different Types of Sport-Specific Orthotics

Whether you are a runner, black belt holder, or baseball player, custom orthotics can help you.  Insoles can help cyclists enhance their performance. They also effectively treat and/or prevent injuries. For tennis players and others constantly pivoting and changing direction, this puts significant lateral stress on the foot. Players use orthotic devices to get appropriate support. Rugby, running, ski, and snowboard – orthotics can help enhance your performance in all sports activities.

Get the Support You Deserve

If you have any foot deformity, high arches, foot or heel pain, or flat feet, you may struggle with walking or jogging. Choosing a pair of custom foot orthotics can save you from all this trouble and help you fulfill your athletic dream. Tread Well in Burlington, Ontario provides you with an extensive range of well-crafted and durable custom orthotics. For more information speak to the professionals at (289) 337-1657 or fill out the online contact form.

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