Are you currently in pain? Is something keeping your body from moving well? Whether you are injured, ill, or are simply experiencing ‘wear and tear’, our trained professionals can speed your recovery. A wide range of treatment therapies are available to reduce pain, manage your condition and improve your quality of life.

The treatments we use are varied, and include:

  • Injury specific exercise programs
  • Manipulation and mobilization (manual therapy)
  • Electrotherapy/laser therapy (e.g. therapeutic ultrasound)


Physiotherapy (also called physical therapy) is a health care profession focused on evaluating, restoring, and maintaining physical function and mobility. Our physiotherapists manage and prevent many physical problems caused by illness, disease, sport and work related injury, aging, and long periods of inactivity.


  • Look to physiotherapist if you have a(n):
  • Injury due to sports
  • Workplace accident (WSIB claim)
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Headaches
  • Chronic condition causing discomfort, reduced movement or making exercise difficult, e.gCancer, Stroke, MS, Parkinson’s or Osteoporosis
  • Joint, shoulder, back and neck pain
  • Need for pre-operative or post-operative rehabilitation
  • Reduced joint mobility and muscle strength
  • Desire for better physical health – improved exercise, better fitness and improved posture and strength

Our Physiotherapists

Let us help you speed up your recovery and quickly get back your mobility.

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Tread Well