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Our mission at Tread Well is simple — get you back on your feet and keep you moving pain-free.

Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain, have sustained an accidental injury, or are an athlete wanting to perform better, our qualified physiotherapists and Burlington chiropractic clinic team are here to help you move and feel your best.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and living pain-free involves a dynamic approach to your health. Our practitioners believe in education, early intervention, and preventative care to make the most out of each clinic visit.

When it comes to your movement rehabilitation, we create personalized programs to suit your condition and movement goals.

Physiotherapy Burlington

The physio treatments we use are varied and may include:
  • Injury-specific exercise programs — Gradually introducing exercises to strained muscles will improve your recovery time. Your therapist will custom-tailor an exercise program to increase strength and mobility at the injured site.
  • Manipulation and mobilization (manual therapy) — Your physiotherapist uses hands-on techniques to guide you through passive movements. In turn, this builds your range of motion and stimulates relaxation to affected areas.
  • Electrotherapy/laser therapy (e.g. therapeutic ultrasound) — Our physio clinic stays up-to-date on the latest advancements in research-based movement therapies so that we can provide you with the most effective means to a safe and speedy recovery.
  • Acupuncture — Acupuncture involves stimulating sensory nerves under the skin and in muscles with tiny needles to excite pain-relieving endorphins, relax tense areas, and promote the body’s self-healing processes.
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation — People with lung conditions can benefit from this program that involves oxygen therapy, breathing techniques, and health education, to regain lung strength, decrease anxiety symptoms and make it easier to manage daily activities.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy (also called physical therapy) is a health care profession focused on evaluating, restoring, and maintaining physical function and mobility.

Physiotherapists are university-educated and highly trained to help patients with acute muscle or joint injury, postural pain, chronic conditions, and more.

Because all bodies and injuries are unique, each treatment program will involve a wide range of therapies that are a combination of hands-on treatments and at-home exercises to support the body’s natural recovery process

Who Needs Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is for anyone looking to prevent injury from their occupation or sport, recovering from surgery, suffering from an acute injury, or require pain management due to a chronic condition.

Physiotherapists are experts in physical rehabilitation and are equipped with a unique set of skills to improve mobility function, relieve muscle and joint pain, and prevent further injuries.

Physiotherapy Burlington

Conditions that a physiotherapist can help treat include:
  • Injury due to sports
  • Workplace accident (WSIB claim)
  • Motor vehicle accident, whiplash
  • Pre and post-pregnancy
  • Balance and fall prevention
  • Headaches
  • A chronic condition causing discomfort, reduced movement, or making exercise difficult, (eg. cancer, stroke, MS, Parkinson’s or osteoporosis)
  • Joint, shoulder, back, and neck pain
  • Need for pre-operative or post-operative rehabilitation
  • Reduced joint mobility and muscle strength
  • The desire for better physical health — improved exercise, better fitness, and improved posture and strength

Referrals aren’t required to experience quality, one-on-one physiotherapy at Tread Well. We’re conveniently located on Harvester Road and offer appointment slots to suit a variety of busy schedules.

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Our Tread Well clinic has helped patients move through life comfortably for over eight years. Whether you’re looking for a registered massage therapist in Burlington or need a physiotherapist to improve your quality of life, our team provides some of the leading rehab therapies in Ontario in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Book online, give us a call at 289-337-1657, or email to learn more about how we can keep you moving.

What Can You Expect From Your Physio Appointment?

Movement rehab and pain management is a complex process and often spans multiple treatments. Everything in the body is connected. As such, we need to address all possible causes related to the pain or injury for long-term improvements.

Your therapist will get to know you based on your lifestyle, injury, and rehabilitation goals. From there, your therapist will create a personalized recovery plan that involves a combination of in-clinic manual therapy (massage, acupuncture, electrotherapy) and take-home exercises.

When you come to your appointments, we recommend wearing loose-fitted and relaxed clothing. This will allow your physiotherapist to have better access to the injured area, allowing you to move comfortably through manual adjustments.

During your appointment, you can feel free to discuss any concerns about your injury and learn more about how you can move with more ease on your own. At Tread Well, we believe in educating our patients for preventative care and maintaining a healthy body.

Taskeen Karim MscPT

Taskeen has gained valuable experience in the world of movement rehab, working as a physiotherapist over the last 25 years. She is very accomplished in assessing and treating a variety of complex injuries and disabilities with extensive experience working with a variety of orthopedic conditions, including managing the temporomandibular joint and fibromyalgia.

Taskeen specializes in acupuncture and cupping but understands that recovery is so much more than in-clinic treatments. She enjoys working with her patients to educate and empower them to overcome injuries.

This dynamic approach includes teaching patients about ergonomics and correct posture. It also involves being there as a supportive listener throughout the recovery journey, with its many ups and downs.

Not only is Taskeen committed to helping patients feel their best, but she has also lectured at various training programs and hospitals in Canada and Internationally

Taskeen has recently expanded her practice to include pulmonary rehabilitation. She’s established the pulmonary rehabilitation program at Tread Well, where she’s certified to titrate oxygen as per the respirologist’s prescription and runs a pulmonary rehabilitation class twice a week.

Moving well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a passion for Taskeen. She brings her extensive professional health knowledge into her own life. When she’s not working, she enjoys cooking nutritious meals for her busy family, lifting weights, is an avid runner, hiker, and plays golf.

Tread Well is a trusted physiotherapy clinic in Burlington, ON that is committed to your recovery. Get back on your feet today and schedule an appointment with Taskeen.

Reena Babu MPT

Reena Babu is a Registered Physiotherapist and is in good standing with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario since 2018. She completed her Bachelor in Physiotherapy in the year 2003 and Master in Physiotherapy in 2005 from India. She worked in a College as Assistant Professor and had experience in hospital settings and private clinics in India. She has clinical experience treating patients with Orthopaedic, Pelvic, Neurological and Cardio-Respiratory conditions.

Reena has Certifications in Pelvic Floor Physio, Mulligans Manual Therapy, Vestibular Rehabilitation (to treat dizziness, vertigo), Acupuncture & Dry needling. Reena believes in a combined approach using her manual therapy skills, education, and exercise prescription to achieve functional lifestyle changes to benefit her patients.

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