Physiotherapists in Burlington, Ontario

Are you currently in pain? Is something keeping your body from moving well? Whether you are injured, ill, or are simply experiencing ‘wear and tear’, our trained professionals can speed your recovery. A wide range of treatment therapies are available to reduce pain, manage your condition and improve your quality of life.

The treatments we use are varied, and include:

Injury specific exercise programs

Manipulation and mobilization (manual therapy)

Electrotherapy/laser therapy (e.g. therapeutic ultrasound)

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy (also called physical therapy) is a health care profession focused on evaluating, restoring, and maintaining physical function and mobility. Our physiotherapists manage and prevent many physical problems caused by illness, disease, sport and work related injury, aging, and long periods of inactivity.


Physiotherapy Burlington

Who Needs Physiotherapy?

Look to physiotherapist if you have a(n):

  • Injury due to sports
  • Workplace accident (WSIB claim)
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Headaches
  • Chronic condition causing discomfort, reduced movement or making exercise difficult, e.gCancer, Stroke, MS, Parkinson’s or Osteoporosis
  • Joint, shoulder, back and neck pain
  • Need for pre-operative or post-operative rehabilitation
  • Reduced joint mobility and muscle strength
  • Desire for better physical health – improved exercise, better fitness and improved posture and strength

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Taskeen Karim MscPT

Taskeen Karim has gained valuable experience over the past 25 years of working as a physiotherapist. She is very accomplished in assessing and treating a variety of complex, injuries and disabilities with extensive experience working in orthopedics and sports rehabilitation. She is a very competent hands on manual therapist, who loves a challenge. She has worked with a variety of orthopedic conditions, including treating the temporo-mandibular joint and fibromyalgia. Taskeen practices with acupuncture and cupping.

Taskeen loves working with her patients to educate, empower and give them the tools and skills to work on overcoming their injuries. This includes teaching them about ergonomics and correct posture. Taskeen works to customize her patient’s exercise regimen exclusively for them based on her assessment.  Taskeen is dedicated to improve her growth by taking many post graduate courses to improve her skills. She works hard on updating her skills and keeping her work environment up to the highest standard. Taskeen has trained many physiotherapy students and physiotherapy assistants. She has lectured to colleagues and students at the various hospitals that she worked at both in Canada and internationally.

Taskeen has recently expanded her practice to include pulmonary rehabilitation in her practice. She set up a pulmonary rehabilitation program at Treadwell.  She is able to administer and titrate oxygen as per the respirologist’s prescription. She is able to prescribe exercises for pulmonary rehabilitation. Taskeen runs a fun pulmonary rehabilitation class twice a week.

When not working, Taskeen loves to lift weights at the gym, she is an avid runner and plays golf. She delights in cooking for her busy family. She enjoys taking long hikes on the escarpment.

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