Tread Well is proud to host one of the leading foot clinics in Burlington, Ontario. Our experienced team of chiropodists and podiatrists treat a large variety of foot-related conditions and ailments. We apply our expertise, the latest research and the most comprehensive and detailed treatments to educate our patients and get them back on their feet.




Custom foot orthotics are shoe inserts prescribed by chiropodists. They help change the body’s biomechanics when performing activities such as running or walking. At Tread Well, we are one of the leading Burlington orthotic clinics and provide a diverse range of custom orthotics that are both well-crafted and durable.

Custom foot orthotic diversity enables us to truly custom tailor patients’ orthotics for their specific needs. From our traditional thermoplastic devices to specialized cast work, Tread Well provides custom orthotics for our Burlington clients and can confidently provide you with a solution to all of your orthotic needs.

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An Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) is a type of brace that is fitted to ankle and the foot. The chiropodist can design an AFO for a variety of purposes, including controlling the motion of the ankle while walking, compensating for weaknesses and correcting deformities. AFO are based on the casting of the ankle and foot and can be built with hinges for movement, or rigidly for support.

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At Tread Well, our team of chiropodists and podiatrists help diabetic patients understand how diabetes affects foot health. For example, many diabetics experience numbness or reduced sensation in their feet, making it difficult to detect minor injuries that could develop into significant health risks. This is why we help our patients learn what to look for and how to maintain good health. Our detailed approach to educating diabetic patients on foot health makes us one of the leading foot clinics in Burlington, Ontario.


In a standard patient visit, our chiropodists and podiatrists assess and perform services on your feet. This includes safely trimming nails, removing fungus and reducing calluses, in addition to inspecting feet and nails for signs of damage, infection and other concerns.



A damaged or ingrown toenail can cause extreme pain and infection in the toe. Though infections can be fought using antibiotics, the problem is likely to recur if the problematic toenail is not corrected. In some cases, toenail surgery may be necessary. Some minor surgical procedures can be performed in our office by our certified chiropodists, who are amongst some of the leading practitioners in Burlington, Ontario.

In a Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA), the chiropodist will remove part of the affected toenail on one or both sides. In a Total Nail Avulsion (TNA), the entire toenail is removed. The chiropodist may use medications to prevent regrowth of the toenail, if needed. The procedures are performed under local anesthesia and may be treated afterwards with topical antibiotics.



Plantar Warts are painful bumps on the soles of the feet caused by a virus. Besides shaving off the wart itself, the underlying root must be destroyed to prevent the wart from recurring and spreading. A chemical is applied to the root with a cotton swab. The number of applications and visits required for permanent removal depends on the severity of the wart or cluster of warts.


Compression socks and stockings support veins in the lower limbs by squeezing the legs. Although they resemble regular socks and stockings, they have greater elastic power. Compression provides therapeutic benefits for many disorders of the veins.

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Fungal Free Nails™ is a powerful solution for toenails that have been infected with unsightly fungus. Unlike other products on the market, it penetrates the toenail to attack fungus where it lives on the nail bed. The length of treatment depends on the severity of the fungal infection, but most cases will see dramatic improvement within three months. Tread Well is pleased to make this product available to our patients.


Tread Well was established to serve Burlington with quality and customer service in foot care and innovative foot wear.

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Tread Well was established as a foot clinic to serve Burlington with quality and customer service in foot care and innovative footwear. Our qualified chiropodists and podiatrists are ready to help residents of Burlington get back on their feet. Give us a call at 289-337-1657 or email reception@treadwell.ca and tell us how we can help you. You can also book your appointment online.

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