Custom foot orthotics are shoe inserts prescribed by chiropodists to change the body’s biomechanics when performing activities such as running or walking. Before prescribing orthotics, a chiropodist observes how the patient walks. Based on the gait analysis, the chiropodist will design the orthotic to help correct the patient’s motion and alleviate any other concerns such as the formation of callouses and corns.

Once the device is completed, the patient returns to have the orthotic fitted. Orthotics prescribed by Tread Well are designed to replace the shoe’s removable insole. After a period of time, the patient may return for a follow-up visit.

Dynamic Orthotics

Custom foot orthotic diversity enables us to truly custom tailor patients’ orthotics for their specific need. From our traditional thermoplastic devices to specialized cast work, we are can confidently provide you with a solution to all of your orthotic needs.

Extreme Level Customization

Our partner orthotic technicians are highly skilled in manual plaster modification. This allows us the ability to accommodate those challenging foot types, such as Charcot foot, and extreme planus or cavus feet. With the assistance of our partnering orthotic teams, we work to ensure a positive outcome to any specialized cases.

Craftsmanship and Accuracy

Custom foot orthotic manufacturing is as much an art as it is a manufacturing process. Our team strives to provide you with a product that fits perfectly each and every time. Starting with the careful modification of each cast, your devices will go through a manufacturing process whereby attention to detail and quality is the upmost precedent.

Cast Work

Devices manufactured by our partners are done by manual plaster modification. By maintaining the physical cast work process they are able to produce highly accurate arch contact and device parameters. In addition to standard cast work, they can preform various cast modifications to custom tailor a device to even the most challenging foot or specialized case.


Our goal at Tread Well is to provide you with a device that will satisfy the clinical outcome intended for you. We offer all of our clients the support system needed to help make decisions in selecting the device best suited for your needs.


In a world of technology driven orthotic manufacturing we are proud to provide you with traditional hand crafted orthotic devices. We strive to offer the perfect balance of technology and traditional orthotic techniques in order to best service you while providing the highest level of quality.


Orthotics are not a lifestyle choice. Comfort is certainly important, but our orthotics are designed to address and improve a diverse range of health conditions. They are small devices that restore balance to your body.

Having a diverse range of technologies and solutions in our orthotics helps to meet your personal needs for whatever issue you’ll be needing them to address. Whether you need to fit a pair of fashionable shoes, or suffer from a chronic medical condition, it is important to understand that every orthotic device is different, because no two feet are the same or perform the same.

Dress – Full Length
Dress – Three Quarter Length
Dynamic Design
Running and High Impact Sports
High Heel (Cobra Design)





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