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At Tread Well, our bracing experts are ready to help you select the right brace for you and your injury or condition. With us, there’s no stress. We make it simple and easy for you to get the support your body and your joints need.

We have various braces in stock — all ready for you to try out! For custom sizing, we have a quick turnaround time of only a couple of days. Our ultimate goal is to help you receive the knowledge and support you need to make a full recovery.

The Benefits of Custom Bracing

Bracing offers many benefits for your body as it heals. Most people assume that bracing only immobilizes and stabilizes the injured or weakened area. However, it does so much more than that.

Bracing benefits include:

Improved Healing

Through the support and relief that a brace provides, your body is given the rest and help it needs to heal properly. There’s nothing worse than having an injury that doesn’t heal with time. Bracing helps alleviate this problem.


Reduced Pain

At Tread Well, we understand that more movement can sometimes cause more harm than good depending on what stage of healing you’re at. Braces provide support and stability which can lead to reduced pain throughout your recovery process.

Prevention of Further Injury

Since braces help support your joints and muscles, they can encourage proper movement patterns. In turn, this prevents further injury.



Enhanced Performance

Braces can allow you to get back on the playing field faster. Or they can simply help you move through your day with ease.

Custom Bracing Features

All of our custom braces are unique. Our on-site experts will ensure you get the right brace for your needs. Our bracing experts diagnose and prescribe bracing — all at one location.

When fitting you for your bracing needs, we take into consideration:

  • Your pain levels
  • The type of work you do
  • The sports or activities you’re involved in
  • Your body and joint shape
  • Your body and joint size
  • How long you’ll use your brace for


With Tread Well, you can feel confident that our bracing experts have got you covered. We’ve fitted countless individuals for braces and have your best interests in mind. We also aim to make each brace fitting experience as comfortable, easy, and smooth as possible.

And you’ve got a ton of options when it comes to the brace you choose. As far as bracing materials go, we take into account breathability, latex-free options, flexibility or rigidity, durability, temperature regulation, and more.

We’ve further created relationships with various high quality and reputable bracing manufacturers, bringing you only the very best.

Braces For Every Budget

At Tread Well, we are proud to offer various premium brands, along with budget-friendly options.

We also support various benefits and healthcare plans and even offer direct billing. That way, the cost won’t be a stressor or a worry. In fact, braces are covered by most benefit plans with a prescription from an MD, chiropractor, or physiotherapist. Tread Well is proud to house all of the aforementioned medical professionals at our Burlington clinic.

GenuTrain – Bauerfeind

Mild instability, sprains or strain, Osgood Schlatter’s

GenuTrain P3 – Bauerfeind

Patellofemoral Syndrome, Chondromalacia patella

GenuTrain S

Moderate OA, Knee joint instability

Playmaker II – DonJoy

Mild ligament sprain/strain, mild knee instability

Climaflex OA – DonJoy

Mild to moderate Osteoarthritis

Defiance III Custom Knee Brace – DonJoy

Ligament Injury, post ACL surgery, Severe Osteoarthritis

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