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Foot problems will effect most of us at some point in our lives. The most common cause of foot pain is improper fitting shoes. Poorly fitting shoes can make the symptoms of common medical conditions worse and in many cases be the primary cause of the problem. It is important to purchase footwear that fit properly.

Many people purchase their footwear too small. Signs your shoes are too small include foot cramping or falling asleep while walking or running as well as blistering. Properly fitted footwear allows for adequate room to freely wiggle your toes. Poorly fitting shoes can cause or aggravate bunions, calluses, hammertoes, and other common foot problems. For many people with more serious conditions like diabetes, proper fitting footwear is even more important.

Tread Well’s team of Chiropodists and footwear fitting specialists will ensure you select footwear that fits your purpose as well as your feet. Your feet will be measured and professionally fitted by experts who understand the way footwear is supposed to fit.

We carry a wide selection of in stock athletic, casual, sandals and safety shoes including premium brands. If we don’t have your size or colour preference in stock we will special order them directly from the manufacturer.

Whether you are looking for a size 15 extra wide or a size 5 narrow width, Tread Well can often provide the same great selection of footwear normally only available in more common sizes.

The team at Tread Well can help you determine if your third party benifits cover off the shelf or non-custom orthopedic footwear and can help you submit your claim or bill your insurance directly.

We will send an estimate to your insurance provider to confirm if they will be approved before making your purchase.

Although footwear and custom orthotics work toghether to provide the appropriate support your feet require, footwear are always sold seperately from custom orthotics.

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