Hockey Skate Orthotics

There are three great ways to be at the top of your game this hockey season: practice, practice and more practice! All that time laced up in hockey skates, however, can be agonizing for your feet, lower legs, knees and back. Why not give yourself an added advantage this season? Consider a set of custom skate orthotics from Tread Well. Learn more about how custom orthotics designed specifically for your hockey skates can help you be more explosive and save your stamina so you can finish your shift strong.

A Chiropodist at Tread Well will carefully analyze your biomechanics and foot type, discuss your symptoms, and determine how custom orthotics may benefit you. The right support under foot can do wonders to relive stress and fatigue throughout the body.

Custom hockey orthotics can help minimize injury on the ice by ensuring that your feet and legs are aligned correctly and working to move you efficiently. Properly designed custom orthotics can reduce the strain athletes at all levels put their legs. The orthotic redistributes your weight evenly throughout your stride, improving your comfort and stability. They may also help avoid blisters and cramping during and after a game.

Modern hockey skates are a wonder of design and technology. Unfortunately they do not address many common foot and biomechanical conditions. Custom devices are made of graphite composite from a 3D scan or plaster mold of your feet. These scans are then sent to one of the top labs in North America where your one-of-a-kind orthotics are constructed just for you. Our chiropodist takes the time to help you install your custom orthotics and ensure a proper fit.

Level Up Your Performance with Chiropractic Care

Are you serious about your sport? Do you train like a professional? Regardless of what your injury and maintenance program looks like, you may just have a hard job and need to be at your physical best!

All elite level athletes spend a lot of time on their recovery — almost as much as their training, in fact. Without proper recovery comes injury and time away from what you love to do the most. You also might not have access to the same facilities and the time that professional athletes do — however, there are still a wide range of things you can do to level up your performance.

The cornerstones of anyone who is active should be a great diet and proper rest. Adding in a proper maintenance program for strength and conditioning is another way to make your body better and more resilient.

The last piece of the puzzle is getting proper chiropractic care. Most sports teams and individuals have a team of medical staff around them 24/7, looking after their needs and addressing aches, pains and injuries as they go. This helps them to perform more frequently, avoid injury and consistently be at their best.

You obviously don’t have a team around you at all hours of the day, but the good news is that chiropractic treatment is still available to help get your body on track!

Here are our top 3 reasons how chiropractic care can level up your performance:

1. Reduce Imbalance – Because our daily habits, routines and sporting activities can be repetitive, the body becomes very effective at doing those things. Sticking to the same routine all the time can result in an imbalance in our joints and muscles. Great examples of this are tennis players who have tight and restricted shoulders from the use of the racket.

Regular chiropractic adjustments help to reduce imbalance and even out your body. Regular movement of joints and soft tissues also help the affected area to relax, allowing you to achieve a more balanced posture.

2. Relieve Joint Stiffness – One of the benefits of chiropractic care is the ability to loosen any joint in the body. Manipulation is a great way to take a joint and loosen it up. If you have tightness in a joint, you can lose range of movement, develop muscle spasms and also develop nerve pain.

Cycling is a sport where you’ll spend lots of time in a hunched-up position – this adds up to stiff and tight spinal joints, which can in turn affect your soft tissues. Spinal manipulation is a great way to help loosen the spine and allow it to move more freely again.

3. Improve your soft tissue recovery – Because we use our muscles and tendons heavily for sport, they can become tired, damaged and tight. Over time, failure to care for our soft tissues can lead to injury and even affect our joints.

By having regular soft tissue therapy with your chiropractor, you can keep it in the best shape possible. You can also reduce adhesions, break down scar tissue and keep your muscles loose and pain free. All of this adds up to better performance and keeping you doing your favourite things for longer!

Your body is a machine — one that is designed for movement. It has many different parts that all require maintenance to perform at their best. Just like a car or bike, maintenance is key for top performance.

Add in regular chiropractic sessions to improve your movement, reduce your pain and maintain your soft tissues. Once you start taking care of your body, there will be a direct effect on how it performs in your sport, hobbies and career.

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